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Brenda Tortorice


Brenda Tortorice.png

Hired: 2023

​Practice Emphasis:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Corporate and Individual Taxation

Brenda brings a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set to the BKC team. With an impressive 30-year tenure at GM, she specialized in Engineering, particularly in Die Build and Design. In addition to her extensive engineering background, Brenda has spent 4 years working in accounting and human resources for small businesses.

Brenda's dream career has always been in accounting and finance. She has a natural affinity for working with numbers and solving intricate puzzles. At BKC, Brenda is thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream in an environment that is both friendly and encouraging. Her dedication to precision and her problem-solving skills make her an ideal fit for the team.

When Brenda isn't immersed in her work or financial pursuits, she enjoys a wide range of activities. Her favorite pastimes include spending quality time with her family and friends, showcasing her impressive skeet shooting skills (she even won a Senior Women's Olympic Gold medal!), relaxing through swimming, taking long walks to unwind, diving into a good book, and challenging her mind with puzzles, both jigsaw and word puzzles.



American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Michigan Institute of Certified Public Accountants


One of the aspects Brenda particularly appreciates about BKC is the work/life balance it offers. She believes in maintaining a healthy balance between her professional and personal life, which aligns perfectly with our company culture. She also values the friendly and supportive atmosphere here, which fosters collaboration and a sense of belonging among our team members.

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