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Having accurate financial information at your fingertips gives you the power to manage the financial side of your business effectively. Using a financial management software product like QuickBooks can also save you time on everyday tasks, leaving you time to concentrate on your most important assets - your customers.

At BKC, we offer skilled business professionals with QuickBooks expertise in our offices. Our professionals can provide assistance with installations and upgrades, on-going training, technical problem-solving, reviews, and so much more.

quickbooks online vs desktop

Why QuickBooks?

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Save time on everyday tasks

  • Accurately manage your financial data

  • Organize and retrieve critical data

  • Safe & secure data storage

  • Integrated tools to increase efficiencies 

BKC QuickBooks Services

  • Set-up & Installation

    • Assist with choosing the correct software version to fit your company's needs as well as assistance in setting up all accounts and lists.​

  • Upgrades & Conversions

    • Support with choosing and installing an upgraded version of your current QuickBooks or converting from Desktop to Online.​

  • Training

    • Train employees on the correct usage of software catered to your specific needs.​

  • Technical Problem Solving​

    • Correct technical problems resulting from improperly recorded transactions.​

  • Review

    • Review of QuickBooks accounts and verifying the correct utilization of the software.​

  • Bookkeeping

    • Compile transactional information either monthly or quarterly. ​

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