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The automotive industry is made up of numerous tiers of manufacturers and service providers ranging from small one-person manufacturers up to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as GM and Ford.  We specialize in helping manufacturers, consultants and suppliers throughout the different tiers stay competitive by lowering their tax burden, taking advantage of tax credits and providing timely financial statements to local lenders to help the businesses leverage their cash on hand.  We do not work directly OEM’s such as GM or Ford, but with our vast experience working with businesses involved in their supply chains we can help give insight into vital operational and tax reduction strategies to make your businesses as successful as possible.

Types of Businesses Served:

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tier Automotive Suppliers  

  • Assembly Line Manufacturers

  • Auto Racing Manufacturers and Consultants

  • Automobile and Heavy Equipment Parts Manufacturers

  • Mold Manufacturers

Advisory services provided to automotive businesses:

  • Cash Flow Projections

  • DPAD – Domestic Production Activities Deduction

  • Entity Selection Analysis

  • Fixed Asset Capitalization Policies and Associated Tax Planning Objectives

  • Financial Benchmarking

  • Local, State and Federal Tax Planning and Consulting

  • Research and Development Tax Credit Consulting

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting

  • Tax Credits and Incentives

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