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Trust / Estate

There are few financial responsibilities more personal, or with more profound implications, than the planning and taxation associated with estates and trusts. At BKC, we perform these services with a combination of professionalism, compassion and complete attention to detail. We work closely with family members, personal representatives and attorneys to assure the estate plan is fulfilled. BKC can assist in estate and trust administration, including income tax planning for beneficiaries and assisting the executor and/or trustee with administrative duties. Serving as our client’s trusted advisor, we offer the following comprehensive services:

• Estate and gift tax planning
• Income tax planning for Estates and Trusts
• Business Succession Planning
• Business Valuation
• Preparation of Gift Tax Returns (Form 709)
• Preparation of Decedent’s Final Individual Income Tax Return (Form 1040)
• Preparation of Fiduciary Income Tax Returns for Estates and Trusts (Form 1041)
• Preparation of Estate Tax Returns (Form 706)

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