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BKC History


John Brink, Jim Key & Kurt Kenyon left their previous firm to start Brink, Kenyon & Key, P.C., a firm that encompassed their vision of culture and values. At that time, they started out with 3 partners, 1 accountant and an administrator with an office located in Trestlebridge off of Kilgore & Lovers Lane.


Brink, Kenyon and Key moved to our current home at West Centre Avenue. 


Kurt Kenyon left the firm & Phil Chludzinski came in as partner and the firm became Brink, Key & Chludzinski, P.C.

As the firm continued to grow on both the staff and client side, the partners stayed true to the values they were built on, focusing on relationships with staff and clients, which we attribute to our continued success.


Doug Zwart and Chris Schinker become partners of the firm.


We celebrated 25 years of service with 25 employees and 3 seasonal during tax season.


Jaime Wilfong, CPA, CFE, Jamie Lettow, CPA, CFE & Jaclyn Schmidt, CPA become partners of the firm.

Brink, Key & Chludzinski, P.C. rebrands to BKC | Brink, Key & Chludzinski


Ann Kish, EA & Josh Howells, CPA, CVA become partners of the firm.

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