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BKC is named Best & Brightest Company to Work For

We are excited to announce Brink, Key & Chludzinski, P.C. was named one of the Best & Brightest Companies to Work For in West Michigan for the second year in a row.

We believe what sets us apart and what we credit this award to is a culture built on putting people first, encompassing employees, clients and our community.

What a few of our employees have to say...

"BKC makes me feel valued. I know that the people I work with truly care about me. They make the firm culture a top priority and do not just preach about work/life balance, but ensure it is put into practice." - Jen Cote, Senior Accountant

"BKC has many advantages that give us a competitive edge in recruiting, retention, client service and other vital business areas. Those advantages stem from flexibility, work/life balance, and collegial atmosphere. BKC recognizes all the good they have going for them and reinforce it, both inside and outside the practice." - Ann Kish, Senior Manager

“BKC is dedicated to preserving a fun and friendly workplace combined with a professional, open-door culture. The firm places a high level of importance on strong client relationships, quality service, and staff development. With those qualities, I enjoy coming to work each day and learning something new, the opportunity to strengthen relationships with our clients and staff is always present, and my personal growth as a professional is boundless.” - Andrea Buskirk, Staff Accountant

"Having grown up in a small town outside of Chicago, I’ve always appreciated the Midwestern values that I was raised on. Integrity, friendliness, and hard-work were instilled in me from the start, and that has carried me through each step of my personal and professional career. I’ve found that the Midwestern values that I’ve wanted to build my career on are a lot in common with the core values at BKC. The culture at BKC allows me to put people first in everything that I do. These meaningful relationships, whether that be a co-worker or a client, are the foundation to BKC’s success and growth. And with this solid foundation, I’m able to 'roll up my sleeves' and work towards providing an unmatched service to all individuals and businesses associated with BKC." - Josh Howells, Senior Accountant

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