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Meet Partner Jaime Wilfong, CPA, CFE

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Jaime has been with BKC for over 11 years specializing in both tax and audit. After graduating from Western Michigan University with her Master’s in Accountancy, she knew right away her calling was in public accounting.

Jaime enjoys assisting her clients on how to strategize and position themselves best financially. She works with various industries including construction, manufacturing, service, employee benefit plans, and private foundations. She has managed several corporate audits, employee benefit plan audits and assisted businesses and individuals with federal and state tax compliance.

“I cherish the relationships I’ve made with my clients over the years. As a trusted advisor, I take pride knowing they can call me with more than a tax question.”

Her Certified Fraud Examiner designation has made Jaime a great resource regarding fraud prevention and investigation, including expert witness testimony.

Originally from the Bridgman, southwest corner of Michigan, she now lives locally in Kalamazoo. Jaime spends most of her summer camping in Southwest Michigan in her fifth wheel with her family and friends. Jaime enjoys golf, bocce ball, and being outdoors. She also enjoys reading and cooking in her instant pot. She lives in Kalamazoo with her husband, two sons, two dogs, a cat and a guinea pig.

“Jaime has been a mentor to me since I have started my career, starting out as her intern at a previous firm, and following her to BKC a few years after she made her move. I have seen her grow so much at her time here at BKC and am so proud to see her make partner. She has worked so hard to reach partner and is going to do great things for our firm.” - Jen Cote

“With her expertise and personality, we at BKC are excited for her to carry on continued success to the firm. All of us here at BKC feel proud and fortunate to work with Jaime.” - Doug Zwart

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